Have you ever had a negative response like this from a parent?

True story.
This happened to me a year ago…
Dad picks up daughter from ballet class.
Little brother comes with him and seems excited to be there.
I suggest that maybe he could try a class some time?
Dad says “over my dead body”
I do a double take, and vaguely giggle back thinking he’s trying to joke.
Dad says “I’m not joking. My boys’ not going to be a woofter”
Just WOW.

This experience is just one of the barriers I’ve come across in all my years of teaching boys dance, and I’m sure you’ve experienced similar situations in your own practice – though perhaps a little less blatent!  

This kind of stigma around boys dancing sadly STILL EXISTS and could be one of the reasons holding more boys back from trying out at your dance school too.

The question for us all is, how do we go about successfully promoting our schools in a way that ‘subtly’ educates, and clearly challenges this sort of old fashioned perception?

THIS, and more, I discuss and offer solutions to in Wednesday’s online seminar ‘How To Get Boys and Keep Them’.

I sincerely hope you can join me for this important conversation, alongside other passionate and like-minded dance teachers hoping to welcome more boys into class from 2021 onwards 🧡

Even if you can’t make the live event, remember your ‘space’ includes a certificate attendance AND access to the replay / recording afterwards, so you can watch in your own time if you can’t join us in person.

Why take advice from me? Since growing the number of boys at my school to 50 over the past few years (and guess what? – they ALL do ballet) and recently being highly awarded for my methods in doing so, my aim is to share with you exactly how I did this and to help you shine a light on how to overcome any potential barrier you may face in your desire to teach more boys.

I would LOVE to see more boys classes popping up in every dance school in 2021!

Join me this Wednesday 10:30am via zoom, by reserving your spot at the seminar here

Warm wishes

Natalie x

Natalie Pearl 
Co-founder Groove Child Dance Syllabus
Dance School of the Year award Winner 2020
RAD Project B award for Innovation in Male Dance 

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