Have you ever had a negative response like this from a parent?

True story.
This happened to me a year ago…
Dad picks up daughter from ballet class.
Little brother comes with him and seems excited to be there.
I suggest that maybe he could try a class some time?
Dad says “over my dead body”
I do a double take, and vaguely giggle back thinking he’s trying to joke.
Dad says “I’m not joking. My boys’ not going to be a woofter”
Just WOW.

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Boys Dance Too!

As dance teachers, we are all aware of the unbalanced ratio of male and female dancers in our dance schools. And with a list of factors, including stigmas against boys who dance, feminine marketing and advertising, and limited options for boys uniforms, it becomes easier to understand why there might be so many less boys than girls in our dance schools.

But, we want to share with you a story of one boy in particular that we teach, and the impact dance has had on his life.

This is Will’s story, in the words of his teacher Natalie Pearl…

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