Yes we hate this picture of us. And other answers to your questions!

Okay, so VERY quickly, for those who wanted to see the ‘sweaty’ faces behind Groove Child – ta daaa!!! This is us. And yep, like most people, we don’t enjoy seeing pictures of ourselves. And as sisters, we are NEVER going to find one that we both like.

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Mission Complete (well, almost)

So! The first phase of the Mudeford Infants School ‘Groove Child Toolkit’ pilot is over…but the mission is not quite over.

One-to-one feedback between our facilitator and the school teacher is scheduled for this week and we can’t wait to gather further insight into the toolkit’s ease of use, and it’s potential for contributing to both the physical and emotional development of young children within a Primary school setting.

But first! The news I know you’ve been waiting for…

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An Emotional Day…for our Primary Dance Toolkit!


Session 2 of the great Groove Child Toolkit ‘experiment’ at Mudeford Infants has taken place! This time with a focus on EMOTIONS, using props to help the children project their feelings onto initially, as we set about working on a choreographed piece…

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