12 reasons 2021 is THE IDEAL year to add Groove Child to your timetable…

There are so many reasons to incorporate this refreshing and creative additional syllabus into your timetable this year. Here are 12 reasons why 2021 is the ideal time to do this…

  1. ASSIST & SUPPORT: Groove Child assists you as mentor and nurturer, as part of the many ‘hats’ we wear as dance teachers, to strengthen the self-belief and challenge mindset of your dancers.
  2. BEYOND SET STEPS: The syllabus has been designed specifically with the aim to improve overall mental wellbeing in young dancers, by going ‘beyond the steps’ with exercises and guidance that actively help you celebrate their personal creativity and individuality.
  3. REFRESHING & ENGAGING: The Groove Child syllabus work is progressive yet creative, highly engaging (online and in the studio) with a refreshing playlist of specially created music. It’s enjoyed by boys and girls alike, from age 3 to 15yrs.
  4. TEENAGE WELLBEING FOCUS: Level Three Membership includes access to the older syllabus levels covering age 10-15yrs which help you work more intentionally on developing a dancer’s mindset, resilience and adaptability (more vital than ever, right now) helping them grow a deeper love of practicing and creating, as well as performing.
  5. SAVE MONEY & TIME: Groove Child is now entirely online – no need to pay for travel or to attend an expensive in person course, learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.
  6. MORE THAN A LICENCE: Membership provides you with more than just a syllabus licence. Members enjoy priority access throughout the year to seminars and events connected to our CORE VALUES: Creativity, Growth, Self Belief, Dancer Wellbeing, and the commitment all our members share; to teach more than just dance…to strive to do the very best for our students in all the ways we can, physically, mentally, emotionally and artistically.
  7. FREE SEMINARS: Level Two Membership includes TWO FREE online seminars per year, offering additional inspiration and material connected to the Groove Child ethos of boosting student confidence, wellbeing and creativity.
  8. CONVENIENCE: The new membership format for Groove Child means you have everything to hand all year round – the music, video examples of every exercise, variations and teaching points are all at the touch of a button in your members area, so you can login via your phone or iPad anywhere, even within a class – if you urgently need to refresh your memory of an exercise!
  9. NEUTRAL & OPEN TO ALL: The syllabus can be used by teachers of any dance association. The exercises work in harmony alongside all genres of dance because their main focus is on expression and use of feeling, which can be transferred to any style. Any qualified dance teacher from any governing body can become a Groove Child member and benefit from using this additional syllabus as a tool to improve student wellbeing and creativity.
  10. PERFECT FOR BOYS CLASSES: Groove Child is also a perfect fit for your boys classes – it embraces their raw and expresses energy, so provides the perfect ‘go to’ exercises for any boys you work with.
  11. ADDITIONAL WAYS TO REWARD STUDENTS: Level Two membership includes downloadable student ‘Groove Growth’ cards and certificates, and access to special badges as another way to reward your students for their progress.
  12. NEW CLASSES: You can launch Groove Child syllabus classes on your timetable as something additional, fresh, and exciting for 2021, OR you can simply incorporate the exercises into your existing classes to help increase children’s confidence, expression, and overall enjoyment.

If Groove Child resonates with you and your dance school’s overall aims, we’d love to hear from you – and welcome you as a new member this year.

Want to know more?

Head to our PRICING page to read more about what’s included in each level of membership, or head here to the SYLLABUS page to discover what current members are enjoying most about incorporating Groove Child.

Want to get started with Level One?

(We’re doing a happy dance for you!)

If you’re a qualified teacher of dance just head here to purchase Level One today for a one-off fee of £95 with no obligation to buy further levels, and no annual commitment. Trial it with your youngest dancers this term – whether online or in the studio – and discover if Groove Child is right for you and your students.

Are you already a Level One member and are ready to upgrade to Level Two and the full junior syllabus? Do this at the click of a button in your Members Area

P.S. If you’re totally new to Groove Child and are still curious but not quite ready to purchase Level One – download your FREE Groove Child exercise and music here to try this week. Enjoy!

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