7 reasons to add Groove Child to your dance timetable in 2021…

  1. The Groove Child syllabus is neutral in style, is great for both girls and boys, and works in harmony alongside all dance genres as an additional class to boost inner belief, performance confidence and healthy mindset.
  2. Groove Child membership not only provides you with a creative new syllabus but it works to support you (as teacher, mentor, role model) to actively nurture the mental skills of your dancers alongside their technical development.
  3. Groove Child classes allow you focused time on developing more self-expression and use of emotion in your dancers – in a way thats specific to dance.
  4. Groove Child membership gives you opportunity to open new classes on your timetable and offer students up to age 15yrs additional weekly classes that are a huge amount of fun and have a focus on their creativity and mental wellbeing through dance.
  5. It allows your students a weekly space to flex their own creativity and keep their passion for dance ignited Рgiving them respite away from the pressure of exams, competitions, rehearsals, and outside stress or expectations. Class splits for the syllabus are: Purple 3-5yrs, Yellow 5-7yrs, Orange 7-9yrs, Blue 10-12yrs, Green 13-15yrs
  6. Groove Child classes give you another way to reward your students on a more personal level for their progress in ways other than technique.
  7. Groove Child membership offers MORE than just a syllabus licence. Our unique annual membership format includes priority access throughout the year to seminars and events connected to the main thing all our members have on common: the commitment we share to teach more than just dance. To strive to do the very best for our students in all the ways we can as their mentor and role model – physically, mentally, emotionally and artistically.
  8. The teenage levels of Groove Child (Level Three Membership – coming online soon in 2021) begin to work more deeply on a dancer’s mindset, resilience and adaptability, helping them grow a deeper love of the ‘creating’ side of dance which can give them another reason to keep coming back to class year on year, even when outside pressures mount.
  9. And, we’ll slip in a cheeky number 8! …you’re benefitting from more than just the use of this unique and heart-warming syllabus (find out here what is included in our membership on our PRICING page, and discover EXACTLY what current members are enjoying most here about the SYLLABUS)

Curious about the Groove Child syllabus?

Want to get a feel for the focus, style, and music before committing?

If you’re a qualified teacher of dance you can purchase Level One today for a one-off fee with no obligation to buy further levels, and no annual commitment. Trial it with your youngest dancers this term – whether online or in the studio – and discover if Groove Child is right for you and your students x

What is the ONE thing you wish for your students in 2021?

If you’re answer is anything to do with confidence, individuality, creativity or self-belief then read on…

What’s the MAIN gift you hope dance gives every student that tip toes through your doors over the years…


Self belief?

Technical brilliance?

To lead a happy and creative life?

If you feel like recent challenging times have affected their joy and confidence, you might take inspiration from our upcoming January seminar ‘Recharge Repair Reignite‘ filled with practical ways to inspire and rekindle creativity – not only for our students, but also for ourselves!

As teacher, creator, nurturer our we can sometimes feel the pressure of having to be ‘all in’ creatively from week to week. Do you sometimes feel like you need to hit refresh on your teaching approach? Some times finding a way to think outside the syllabus box is all it takes.

Groove Child is an additional creative syllabus offering dance schools far more than a new set of dance exercises.

The syllabus was created to assist and champion technique teachers like you, who desire to step into the role of ‘nurturer’ in equal measure.

The syllabus actively helps you as their teacher feel confident you’re going above and beyond, when it comes to positively effecting the self-esteem of your dancers.


By helping you nurture a healthy mindset in every child; one that celebrates individuality and grows from mistakes. It does this through weekly exercises that stretch a child’s creativity whilst also supporting mental well-being.

What is the ONE thing you hope your students take from their dance training, no matter what path they take as adults?

If you’re answer is anything to do with authenticity, creativity or self-belief then we think the following SEVEN reasons to add Groove Child to your timetable in 2021 could be of use to you when considering Groove Child as part of your class offerings.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you…

Tell us in the comments below, the main gift YOU hope dance brings your students, no matter where life leads them.

For more information about the seminar/replay of Recharge, Repair, Reignite or Groove Child membership contact Amy & Natalie at info@groovechilddance.com or head here to download your FREE Level one exercise and music sample