Learn Level One ONLINE! – Your FAQs

After a wonderful response to our Level One offer online during this unprecedented time, we have put together these FAQs all in one place! If you can’t find an answer to your question here, get in touch! info@groovechilddance.com

After an overwhelming response to our offer of purchasing level one of the junior syllabus online during Covid’19 lockdown, we have put together these FAQs all in one place! If you can’t find an answer to your question here, get in touch! info@groovechilddance.com



1. No ongoing annual licence fee for level one? Is that just for one year or forever? 

Yes, there’s no annual licence for Level One / Purple if purchased from us online. Free for life!

2. Can we use the music for our end of year shows and demonstrations



3. Can we make videos for the parents?

If you mean within the context of filming a performance, then yes! If you mean something else just clarify and ask our permission first. All Groove Child music is copy written so if used for other purposes e.g. pre-recorded class videos for your students/parents during COVID lockdown we would just need you to acknowledge the copyright and credit Groove Child on the screen as follows: Music Copyright 2017 ®Groove Child Dance Syllabus


4. How much is it to purchase further levels?

To learn the further two junior levels (Yellow & Orange, covering age 5-9yrs) you can to attend a course with us and become a full junior syllabus licensee. It is just Level One / Purple (age 3-5yrs) that we are offering as a one-off ‘no licence’ purchase at this time in order to allow you to get a feel for the style of the syllabus before deciding whether or not you want to go further and learn more.  


5. How much is the full junior syllabus course?

£175 inclusive of your licensee certificate and registration. At this course you will consolidate your knowledge of the PURPLE level and learn the other two junior levels YELLOW and ORANGE, covering children up to age 9yrs.


6. How much is the annual licence for the full junior syllabus?

The annual licence for the full Junior syllabus is £95 (Yellow and Orange age 5-9yrs), and this increases to £120 if later down the line you choose to added the Intermediate Syllabus (Blue & Green, age 10-15yrs)


7. How much is the intermediate syllabus course?

£175. This course is for teachers who are already junior syllabus licensees who wish to progress students into their teenage years with age appropriate Groove Child exercises and creative methods. At the course you will learn the two intermediate levels BLUE and GREEN covering age 10-15yrs.


8. Is this accredited with a certificate of completion ?

Level One on is own has carries no certificate or accreditation because it’s not a course, as such, you simply are purchasing the music, handbook, and syllabus video access to learn at your leisure, along with our guidance videos. However, if you decided to attend a future course with us to learn the full junior syllabus at a later date this indeed includes a certificate, recognised CPD hours, and gives you official licensee status of the syllabus. If you’re keen and would like more info contact


9. What style of dance?

 it’s ‘modern’ dance gender neutral and highly themed! The children will be everything from jungle animals to robots, circus performers to mermaids!


10. Is Groove Child suitable to use in children’s acting classes at my dance school?

Yes, definitely! It works really well in performing arts classes but obviously has an emphasis on dance and is intended to ultimately help dancer’s tap into their imaginations and use more expression in their dancing. But yes it can be incorporated as part of acting classes for your dancers.


11. Are there any syllabus sample videos online we can see?

Junior syllabus trailer

How it feels to teach Groove Child

Groove Child Licensee course day


12. Does the online offer or full course carry CPD and a certificate?

There is no certificate or official hours of CPD associated with purchasing Purple online because it is not a ‘course’ as such – you simply get access to the music, syllabus videos and manual to learn and use at your leisure. The full in-person licensee course will give you official Groove Child teacher licensee status of the junior syllabus (initially, with the option to add Intermediate levels at a later date), a certificate confirming your official Groove Child licensee status, and yes the course carries 6 hours CPD. 

The current ‘Purple Online’ offer simply gets you started with Groove Child on a no commitment basis. You can set up and advertise Groove Child Purple / level one classes at your studio or anywhere you choose, or you can simply integrate the exercises into your current sessions, or both! You can also use the Groove Child logo to advertise/promote these classes and we can provide this for you. 


Do you have another question about the full syllabus, the licence, the courses, or Groove Child in general? Check out our other Dance Teacher FAQs here or contact us directly

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