Learn Level One ONLINE! – Your FAQs

After a wonderful response to our Level One offer online during this unprecedented time, we have put together these FAQs all in one place! If you can’t find an answer to your question here, get in touch! info@groovechilddance.com

After an overwhelming response to our learn level one online offer during lockdown, we have decided to make it an ever-green offer as a way for more teachers to be able to dip their toes into the creative world of Groove Child without committing to any annual licensee fee unless they decide to offer this creative confidence-boosting work to older students, and learn further levels.

We have put together our most frequently asked questions about the offer all in one place here, but if you can’t find an answer to your question below, just get in touch! info@groovechilddance.com

1. No ongoing annual licence fee for level one? Is that just for one year or forever? 

Yes, there’s no annual licence for Level One / Purple. It’s free for life!

2. Is it suitable for online classes and adaptable for social distancing in the studio?

Yes. And in the online training we demonstrate, explain and suggest ways to do this easily.

3. What is included in Level One?

Level One has 12 exercises which include:

• Special Star, Warm Up, Jungle, Mermaid & Crab, Circus, Sound in the Box, Groove Dice, Rhythm Sticks, Magic Water, Firework, Toys, and Robot.

• You’ll receive 9 music tracks in total, as 3 of the exercises don’t require music! The music is highly themed and very engaging for young children.

• Each track is about 2 minutes long.

• There are 30 syllabus videos you’ll have access to which show a teacher demo, an older student demo, and Teaching Points/Variations.

4. Is this accredited with a certificate of completion ?

Level One on it’s own has carries no certificate or accreditation because it’s not a course as such, you are simply purchasing the music, handbook, and syllabus video access to learn at your leisure, along with our guidance videos. However, if you decided to go on to learn more of the syllabus, the Ambassador and Licensee courses (online and in-person) indeed include a certificate, recognised CPD hours by the RAD and other teaching organisations, and gives you an official Groove Child teacher status. Groove Child is also currently waiting on CPD Affiliate confirmation from the CDMT. 

5. Is Groove Child suitable to use in children’s acting classes at my dance school?

Yes, definitely! It works really well in performing arts classes but obviously has an emphasis on dance and is intended to ultimately help dancer’s tap into their imaginations and use more expression in their dancing. But yes it can be incorporated as part of acting classes for your dancers.

6. Are there any syllabus sample videos online we can see?

Junior syllabus trailer

How it feels to teach Groove Child

Groove Child Licensee course day

7. Is Level One as a lesson/class repeatable?

Yes the Level One is very repeatable! In fact we recommend it weekly for children aged between 3-4yrs. They can work on mastering the set work and on constantly exploring the different variations you as their teacher provides within the structure of the given creative exercises, meaning each lesson has some parts the stay the same and some that vary from week to week. The exercises should be taught in a built up way, in the same way you’d slowly teach any other syllabus/progressive class, only selecting certain exercises to focus on each week and slowly teaching the work bit by bit. The visualisation, warm up and ‘circle’ exercises we recommend you do every session but then you as a qualified teacher have creative reign over your plan for each lesson using the material we’ve provided you.

8. Does the Level One / Purple online offer carry CPD and a certificate?

There is no certificate or official hours of CPD associated with purchasing Level One / Purple online because it is not a ‘course’ as such – you simply get access to the music, syllabus videos and manual to learn and use at your leisure. 

‘Level One Online’ gets you started with Groove Child on a ‘no commitment’ basis. You can set up and advertise Groove Child Purple / level one classes at your studio or anywhere you choose, or you can simply integrate the exercises into your current sessions, or both! You can also use the Groove Child logo to promote these classes. 

9. What style of dance is Groove Child?

The closest genre of dance we would compare Groove Child to is themed ‘modern’ dance. It’s purposely gender neutral and the choreography is stylised in an age appropriate way to project the theme of each exercise or dance. (In Level One the children will be everything from jungle animals to robots, circus performers to mermaids!) 

10. Can I use the Groove Child logo on my website or advertising?

Yes, when you purchase any of our syllabus we send you the logo and other social media images you can use on your website or social posts to express your affiliation / use of the syllabus, and also short descriptions you can use to help parents and children get a feel for the new class opportunity you are offering.

11. How do we learn further levels?

You can learn the remainder of the Junior Syllabus online or at a Level Two Licensee course. The full Junior syllabus includes three age splits: Purple, Yellow & Orange levels, covering age 3-9yrs.

The Intermediate syllabus can currently be learnt at an in person Level Three course only. The Intermediate syllabus includes two further age splits: Blue & Green, covering age 10-15yrs.

12. How much are the IN-PERSON Level Two and Level Three courses?

Pricing as of August 2020

• One-Day Groove Child® Level Two Licensee course – teaches you the full JUNIOR Syllabus and it’s progressions; three levels covering age 3-9yrs, £295 inclusive of your certificate and registration as a Groove Child® Level Two Licensee (note: if you’ve already purchased Level One online for £80, the fee for the in-person course day is adjusted to £215)

• One-Day Groove Child® Level Three Licensee course £150 – for those who are already Level Two Licensees and have the Junior syllabus under their belt. At this course you will learn the additional Intermediate levels covering age 10-15yrs and become a licensee of the FULL Groove Child syllabus. Level Three is optional for those who want to extend Groove Child classes to their teenage students, but is only available as an in-person course, and only if you already have Level Two Licensee status. 

13. How much is the ONLINE learning option?

Online Course Pricing as of August 2020 (the online option is currently only available for the Junior syllabus levels):

  • Groove Child® Level One (Purple age 3-5yrs) £80
  • Groove Child® Level Two (Yellow & Orange age 5-9yrs) £115

Purchasing the two online options above to learn all three junior levels works out at £195 in total, SAVING you £100 in place of learning all this in person at a one-day Groove Child® Level Two Course


14. How much is the annual renewal / licence fee?

  • Groove Child® Level One – no licensee status or annual fee
  • Groove Child® Level Two / Junior Syllabus Licensee £65
  • Groove Child® Level Three / Full Syllabus Licensee (Junior & Intermediate) £95

This fee covers the following:

Level Two Licensees:

  • Annual re-registration and your new certificate
  • Printable ‘Groove Graduation’ certificates for your students
  • 50% discounted ticket for the annual ‘Inspired Dance Teacher’ Convention with guest speakers and workshop facilitators from the industry. Click here for more info on this event.
  • Inspiration and support all year round via the Junior Licensee Facebook group

Level Three Licensees:

  • FREE TICKET to our annual ‘Inspired Dance Teacher’ Convention with guest speakers and workshop facilitators from the industry. Click here for more info on this event.
  • Personalised GC social media posts – helping to advertise Groove Child classes at your school / location
  • Annual re-registration and your new certificate
  • Printable ‘Groove Graduation’ certificates for your students
  • Free Groove Child Teachers T-shirt
  • Bonus material: An additional music track / exercise added each year 
  • Inspiration and support all year round via the Junior/Inter Licensee Facebook group

15. How much is the Level Three course?

£150. This course is for teachers who are already Level Two licensees (whether by the online or in-person option) who wish to continue to support the progress of their students with age appropriate Groove Child exercises through their teenage years. Level Three is currently only available as an in-person course and at this one-day session you will thoroughly workshop and learn the two intermediate levels, BLUE and GREEN, covering Groove Child work for age 10-15yrs.

Do you have another question about the full syllabus, the licence, the courses, or Groove Child in general? Check out our other Dance Teacher FAQs here or send us your question below!

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