Dance Teacher Testimonials 2018

Dance Teachers are you looking for something inspiring and exciting to add to your timetable or teaching repertoire? Check out these recent video testimonials from Groove Child® dance syllabus licensees – an additional syllabus for established dance teachers, that enhances performance confidence and builds creative and expressive skills in your dancers…

Dance Teacher / Groove Child Licensee Testimonials 2018

“I don’t think there’s anything else out there like it. I’d recommend it to all dance teachers because it doesn’t matter what styles you offer or what style a child prefers, Groove Child is something that can enhance all dance training because it is all about discovering yourself, dipping in to your imagination, and using your expressive skills in dance, and to me that crosses all borders” Julie Laming, Mad4Dance, Dorset.

“I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s really fun and a great toolkit you can integrate into any dance school, and the kids adore it” Fiona Palmer, Fiona’s Fancy Feet, Devon

“I would recommend the Groove Child syllabus and course to any dance teacher, the vision behind it is so lovely and really focuses on the confidence and growth mindset of your students and it works really well alongside your normal syllabus classes” Claire Louise Farley, Two Sisters Dance & Theatre Arts, Devon.

“I think what I enjoyed most about the Groove Child training day was seeing the exercises from the children’s point of view, learning how to give them what they need so I can relate to them a lot more within a Groove Child session than I would normally compared to other experiences I’ve had.” Katie Cunningham, Freelance Dance Teacher, Dorset.

“I really enjoyed learning all about Groove Child, I thought the ethos behind it was amazing. I was lovely the way that the day and syllabus had a focus on children’s imagination, their creativity and their expressive qualities.” Laura Robinson, Two Sisters Dance & Theatre Arts, Devon.

Groove Child® is an additional dance syllabus for established dance teachers, neutral in style and led by theme and emotion. At it’s core the syllabus is a combination of themed choreography and directed improvisation exercises, split over 6 levels, designed to enhance the musicality, self-expression and confidence of every student from the inside out.

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