Yes we hate this picture of us. And other answers to your questions!

Groove Child Syllabus Creators - Natalie Pearl and Amy Reynolds

Okay, so VERY quickly, for those who wanted to see the ‘sweaty’ faces behind Groove Child – ta daaa!!! This is us. And yep, like most people, we don’t enjoy seeing pictures of ourselves. And as sisters, we are NEVER going to find one that we both like.


Moving swiftly on, to 3 questions we’ve had recently from dance teachers booking on to the syllabus course…

Is Groove Child® a franchise?

Nope. Groove Child is NOT a franchise or a business in a box, it is a licensed syllabus with an annual membership which allows us to continue to offer support to our licensees long after the course.

All licensees must already be teaching dance to young children and have all the relevant insurance and health & safety measures in place for teaching dance. Teachers are not limited to a geographical area. Your pupils are your own and other than the small annual renewal fee to keep using the syllabus each year, you are not bound to pay us any other amounts – regardless of how your Groove Child students or classes might grow.

Is support offered after the course?

Yes. All teachers who have successfully taken part in the Groove Child Syllabus course day will receive their licensee certificate, login to the members site with set work videos, teachers handbook and music – ready to go away and immediately start planning the ‘new Groove Child class’ launch at their school.

After the course we keep in touch with you throughout the year, offering further inspiration and updates via our Groove Child Licensee Community Facebook group, which all course attendees automatically become a member of.

The Groove Child syllabus license is for the individual teacher, not the dance school/organisation and therefore, should other teachers at your school wish to deliver Groove Child they will need to take the training course to ensure it is fully understood and taught to a high level.

Do you offer marketing support?

Yes! Shortly after the course, we provide you with basic marketing images and logo for your new Groove Child classes, in order to help you promote them to your current students – and potential new ones.

This is emailed to you on completion of the course and includes posters/flyers (for email and for print) and other optional images you can use on your social media to help promote Groove Child at your school or venue – whenever you are ready to begin them.

We will also promote your school on our main website and Facebook page at various times of the year, and do a case study with you a few months on (optional) to see how the children are developing through your classes and again, promote this through our website and social media channels.

In short, we aim to champion our licensees and the amazing work of their school/classes in any way we can! #groovechildlicensee

Do you have a burning question for us?

Check to see if we answer it on our Frequently Asked Questions page! If the answers not there, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Groove Child® Dance Syllabus is designed to help dance teachers nurture children’s positive sense of self, confidence, and self expression through dance in a way that celebrates their individuality and boosts their performance. Dance School Owners & Freelance Dance Teachers  – we’d love to meet you and introduce you further to the benefits Groove Child brings. Check our full details of the syllabus and our courses  at the main website:

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