Groove Child FAQs for Dance Teachers

Groove Child Licensed Syllabus One Day Course - Dance Teacher FAQs

Can you tell me more about the syllabus? How is Groove Child different to other classes? How does it fit into my timetable? Can we enter children for exams? How much does it cost?…

Can you tell me more about the syllabus?

The main areas of focus in the junior syllabus are: Rhythm & Musicality, Emotion & Feeling, Confidence & Presence, Imagination & Creativity, Improvisation, Visualisation, and Performance.

The syllabus is a balanced mix of set work and directed improvisation exercises, all with the aim of bringing out a more authentic sense of performance in your dancers, and helping their relationship to music and self-expression.

The syllabus also has an underlying ethos of nurturing confidence and self-belief, and part of the training day/syllabus manual offers insight into how we can encourage growth mindset through dance (a vital life skill) and talent development in our students from an early age.

The set work is heavily themed so that the movement is stylised rather than genre specific, and is quite drama based to help encourage character and feeling, with themed work that ranges from the Jungle and Fireworks, to Superheroes, Rockstars, Scarecrows, and Emotions.

Every class also starts with a short guided visualisation to help children focus, warm ups for their imaginations as well as their bodies, exercises to begin planting seeds of creating their own choreography, enjoyable rhythm exercises, and much more.


How is the Groove Child® Dance Syllabus different to other syllabi?
Our syllabus offers a balanced mix of structure and creativity, enough to give you full control as a teacher but allow creativity and the individual ideas of the children to shine through. Good technique is encouraged, but the main focus of the work is musicality, expression, confidence and imagination.

What dance style/genre is Groove Child®?
All set work in the syllabus has been choreographed in a neutral but expressive style, therefore whether you are a ballet, modern, latin & ballroom, contemporary, or street dance teacher your students’ overall performance can benefit from these additional creative dance classes. We want as many children and young dancers as possible to experience the joy of Groove Child® and all it offers in terms of their artistic development. The syllabus includes a toolkit of adaptable exercises that can also be plucked out and used within in your other classes – having any dance style applied to them.

What qualifications do I need?
This is an ‘add-on’ Syllabus for established dance teachers/artists who have teaching qualifications with any of the major dance governing bodies, or a Degree in Dance. You will ideally have been teaching children’s classes for over a year, and have all relevant insurance, DBS checks, child protection, and basic first aid training.

Can we enter children for Groove Child® Exams?

We absolutely agree that the students need to be rewarded in Groove Child® classes and especially when they move up a level. However, due to the nature of the syllabus we feel exams defeat the point of what a teacher would be trying to achieve in using the syllabus – as we all know, the pressure of exams can sometimes breed fear and suck the confidence out of our students.
Instead we encourage our licensees to hold a small ‘Groove Graduation‘ class at the end of each year for parents (or whenever you have children moving up a level) and we supply you with the means to do this.
We talk more indepthly with you at the course day about Groove Graduations and how to implement this very simply at your school. You/their teacher will ‘assess’ them and their marks will focus on praising the process of their development within the sessions and celebrating their individuality.
Exams more often than not can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on children – as its all down to one day – and can sometimes feel scary, not helping them to perform at their best, as we all know! We believe measuring progression is hugely important to talent growth, but for Groove Child® the progressions we look at are related to confidence, self-expression and levels of participation during their final term before moving up a level.  The development markers we provide guide you to mark your students in relation to their growing confidence, self-expression, process & ideas, ability to adapt to direction, performance, and their levels of engagement in the creative exercises.

Ultimately the benefits should be seen across all their other dancing, and even outside of dance, as it aims to enhance their personal confidence and creativity, not just within a Groove Child® session.

How do these classes fit into my current timetable?
Any way that works for you! We recommend 30 mins for Purple, 30-45mins for Yellow, 45mins for Orange. It’s a great beginners class to welcome new children in to dance for the first time, but equally a great way to encourage musicality and expression for your longer standing students who need a boost in confidence and performance. For this reason we would recommend you plan these sessions to not conflict with classes these age groups already attend with you (so that they can take part in both). If however you don’t have room for new classes but still want to incorporate the tools and benefits of Groove Child® in your classes you can do so but simply merging this work within your other classes for the corresponding age groups, using the Groove Child® exercises to help enhance their expression, confidence and performance in class. (Many teachers begin this way, as an opportunity to get confident with the exercises in an already established class before setting up the individual Groove Child® classes).

Why include visualisations in the syllabus?

Mindfulness and visualisation can help us grow more focus and concentration, helping us become more aware of our senses and feelings, all of which is scientifically proven to help us (children and adults) achieve at higher levels in dance, sports, music, and across other diverse areas of life. Research has shown that visualisation plays an important role in talent development and therefore it is a great tool to teach children from a young age. We have incorporated short child friendly visualisations at the start of each session to help children become regain focus and attention at the start of the session and throughout. We also encourage them to close their eyes often and listen to the music, picturing what they see, how it makes them feel, so that they start to connect more to the music as dancers and begin to understand musicality and feeling.

What type of teacher is Groove Child® ideal for?
Ideal Groove Child® licensees are teachers who expect high standards in technique but are also mindful of the positive impact they can have on their students emotional and personal development, whether they go on to work in the dance profession or elsewhere. Its for dance teachers who want to find more time (and inspiration) to be creative with their student, fuelling their own ideas as well as that of their students. Many moments of enjoyment and genius come from these sessions!
Ideal teachers of Groove Child will already have the confidence and experience to lead a high quality childrens’ dance class with the right balance of structure, discipline and enjoyment. Groove Child is designed for teachers who want a structured way to celebrate and reward individuality in their pupils, and for those who want to run separate classes dedicated to the exploration of musicality, choreography, and the expressive nature of dance as a way to enhance the overall development and performance of their dancers. Dance Studio Owners – for more info on WHO to select from teaching staff to deliver Groove Child at your school read more here.

Who is Groove Child not ideal for?
This syllabus is not a good fit for teachers who favour an authoritarian teaching style with a sole focus on technique or set exercises. Some exercises within the Groove Child syllabus are completely set and some involve child-led exploration and ‘on the spot’ creativity from the teacher, but in a structured manner. If this is not something a teacher feels comfortable with, Groove Child may not be a good fit for them at this time. All exercises, whether set or explorative, encourage expression, feeling, adaptability and individuality – developing on the child/dancer as a whole.

I’m a Studio Owner/Principal and want all my teachers to do the training course. Can you come to us? Do you offer a studio license?
Yes, we can deliver the course at your studio, but we request a minimum of 7 teachers to do this (meaning you may need to partner with another school/s for us to come to you). To make things less complicated we recommend teachers are responsible for paying for their own training as an independent teacher so that the license and renewal responsibility is with them. It’s also important that Principals read the ‘Ideal Qualities of a Groove Child Teacher’ information, to help you consider which of your teachers would be most ideal to deliver Groove Child!

Do I have to dance all the exercises with the children?
Groove Child® sessions can at times be quite active for you as a teacher, particularly when the children are first getting used to some of the exercises and routines, and you do need to be able to demo everything, and not be afraid to use your own expression (and occasionally channel your own inner child!) But as with all new things, once the children are familiar with the exercises the teacher can do less physically. It’s your choice!

Is there a set price to charge students/parents for these classes?
No, we recommend you keep it in line with your other class prices. But as a guide, we recommend £5 per 30 minute session, or £6 per 45 minute session, paid in half-termly or termly blocks.

How much is the course/syllabus license?
The initial Licensee Course covers the three junior levels for age 3-9yrs and costs £250; this covers the one-day course, your handbook, music, certificate, optional marketing materials for your new Groove Child® classes, personal login to the website members area and access to syllabus videos. At the end of the course day teachers will need to set up a standing order with us to cover their future annual license renewal (£95 per annum, due a year after your course date).

What is your REFUND policy?

We offer a full money back guarantee should the course on which you are booked be cancelled. If you have booked, and are unable to make the course due to illness, or injury, we will happily transfer your training course to the next available date. We will also offer to assess each case independently, and take the appropriate action.

How much is the annual license fee? 

£95 per annum via direct debit on the date of your original course, for as long as you continue to use syllabus. This annual renewal increases to £120 if you decide to offer students the Intermediate and Senior Groove Child® syllabus levels at a later date.

Why is there an annual license fee?
Instead of just leaving you to it after the course, we want to provide support for you all year round to help you reap all the benefits from what Groove Child® offers. Our annual renewal fee for all licensees is due each year on the anniversary of your original course. This fee covers the running and updating costs of the licensee area on the website, your continued access to video resources and additional termly inspiration, ‘Groove Graduation’ student certificates, your re-registration and updated annual certificate, exercise updates and bonus material. Up to date licensees also have the opportunity to take part in our Intermediate (age 10-15yrs), only open to junior syllabus licensees if they wish to also develop this creative confidence-building work with their older students.

Is there a Groove Child uniform for the children?
Groove Child® t-shirts are optional and are available to purchase directly via the membership part of the website, and we recommend these are worn with black leggings and bare feet.

How many teachers will be at the training days?
Between 3 and 15 teachers per course, to ensure more personal attention. Every course day is led the syllabus creators Natalie Pearl & Amy Reynolds, and is personable and enjoyable.

When are the next available course dates?
Check the COURSES page on our website or contact us for up to date information on our upcoming syllabus course dates

What if I forget some of the steps/exercises after the training?
As a Licensee you will have online access to the video of each set exercise via the membership site. So don’t worry if you can’t remember everything after the initial training!

What if I have questions after the training?
As part of the support we offer from the annual licence fee, you can contact us directly at any time after the training and/or post questions regarding the use of the syllabus/exercises in the private Licensee FB group which you will become a part of – and get answers and support from the whole community, as well as from us! If it’s a technical or administrative question just email us

What if I decide to no longer teach Groove Child?
You simply inform us and then don’t make the renewal payment at the end of the year. We will remove you from our Groove Child® teacher register, you’ll no longer be to enter children for ‘Groove Graduation’/exams, and we won’t promote your classes on our general social media any longer. You won’t receive any further access to the membership site, updates or bonus exercises. You would need to retake the training if you wanted to offer Groove Child® classes in the future, at any point.

Non-attendance at courses
We are unable to give refunds for non-attendance of any pre-booked training days, we simply reschedule your training for the next suitable date/venue, agreed by you.


Groove Child dance syllabus
Groove Child Dance Programme – a new creative dance syllabus for established dance teachers, aiming to increase performance, musicality and expression in your students

The Groove Child® Dance Syllabus is a refreshing and creative dance syllabus for dance teachers who believe the deeper success of their dance practice ultimately is in raising healthy minded dancers, and awesome human beings. Human beings who go forward in life remembering all the creative and vital life skills they learned through dance. 

Dance School Owners & Freelance Dance Teachers  – we’d love to meet you and introduce you further to the benefits Groove Child brings. Check our full details of the syllabus and our courses  at the main website:

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