What made an ISTD teacher include the Groove Child syllabus at her school…

“It’s just so fun. It engages all of them instantly. It’s the moments where you have to trust the children will use their imagination…and they do, thankfully!! I’m thrilled by the creativity this syllabus brings to the dance session..

Today we’re having a quick chat with the gorgeous Julie Laming AISTD, Principle of Mad4Dance, to hear why she chose to add Groove Child® classes to her school’s current timetable and how she has found working with this new and creative junior dance syllabus – the benefits and the challenges!

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Groove Child FAQs for Dance Teachers

Can you tell me more about the syllabus? How is Groove Child different to other classes? How does it fit into my timetable? Can we enter children for exams? How much does it cost?…

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Groove Child Syllabus Launch

If you are an established dance teacher interested in learning more about the benefits of adding the Groove Child syllabus at your school, head to the website http://www.groovechilddance.com/learn-more.html to register for your info pack

Groove Child dance syllabus
Groove Child Dance Programme – a new creative dance syllabus for established dance teachers, aiming to increase performance, musicality and expression in your students


What a week…

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